Saturday, May 11, 2013

Money Line Palmistry - What the Hand Reveals About Your Financial Destiny

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Everyone wants to be wealthy but how can you know what's in store for you? There is no money line per say, but money line palmistry is the observation and interpretation of many factors on the hand including hand structure, lines and mounts that all have a say of what your future holds.

The lines of heart, life and fate as well as the mounts of Jupiter, sun and Venus all
have an influence on your financial meter.

The resources below will help you understand how it all ties together using palm reading.

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Money Line Palmistry is Tied to Many Lines

 A pretty detailed video on whats in store for you financially associated with the many lines and mounts of your hand.

The Fortune In Your Palm - Wealthymatters

If you want to know more about wealth in your life as it pertains to, then this article can give you some more in depth information. A lot of palm illustration examples and the info can help you understand more completely what is meant by money line palmistry. If you haven't realized it already, it takes a lot of insight to come to the correct conclusion when palm reading. You need to know how all of the mounts, lines, shape of the palm etc. all come together to really get the right interpretation of what is going on.

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